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this day wasnt interesting becouse in the school we have exam of Philosophy…. i think i get a 5!!! couse i dont study for this exam!! F***!!! anyway…..

mmm… right now!!! i´m listenig music… the song what i´m listening is this… Wont Get Fooled Again – The Who!! this guys were amazing couse they invent the “Power Slide” i think so that write this in english couse i know only how is writen in spanish…. lol click here from see the video!!! minute 7:26 is the drum solo!!! and the minute 7:40 is the best part!!!

ooo sh***… before i forget!!! tomorrow!! i have exam for english!!! so i will go to study!!




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hi… im new in this so i try to write everyday about

my life and stuffs!! xD…

so i start…

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